Yes, I used the default setting of 8000. However I think I have now figured out 
where the WAITs came from, and it’s not because the clock frequency was 
inherently too high. Rather, it is because the reset-init handler for the chip 
does the adapter_khz change. So on a two-chip chain, after the first chip runs 
its reset-init handler, the adapter goes up to 8000, then the second chip, 
which is not running on PLL yet, runs its reset-init handler with adapter 
already at 8000 and issues WAITs in there.
On March 13, 2018 2:02:37 PM PDT, Tomas Vanek via OpenOCD-devel 
<> wrote:
>Did you use 'adapter_khz 8000'  for the last test?
>I'm afraid that 8 MHz is too much (WAITs during reset-init).
Christopher Head

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