Hi Ironic team, 

Thanks for your feedback, especially helping us to ensure that the mascot would 
be culturally appropriate worldwide. Our most recent offering to the team was 
generally liked, with a request to cut it off at the middle (head/arms/top of 
the stomach) per Dmitry. Note this version has the sticks (as drumsticks) in 
his paw, based on your feedback.


As a reminder, you can still use the original PixieBoots mascot on 
shirts/stickers/swag, but we need a stylistically consistent logo for use on 
official channels (such as the website) to appear as part of the logo family. 

If there are any other thoughts/feedback, we’d welcome them here. Then I’ll 
take this back to the illustrators. One issue is that all mascots are either 
head-only, or full-body, so this doesn’t precisely match them, which is why 
we’re asking the illustrators to take another stab at this version to try to 
make it fit better.

While you won’t see any Ironic logo at the PTG, my hope is that we can produce 
a final version and some nice swag for your team for the Boston Summit. Thanks 
again for doing your best to find a compromise that fits with the rest of the 

—Heidi Joy
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