To answer the original question, if elected, I should be able to commit at
least a few hours per day to the TC (if not more). I can also be quite
elastic in this being able to spend more time some weeks than others as the
role dictates.

My timezone is UTC+10 which makes the meetings at 6am. While not ideal I
can attend these meetings. I do, however, agree with the general discussion
about ensuring the meetings are accessible to all and would support an
alternating meeting time to make it easier for others to participate.

If elected to the TC I would like to help focus on strengthening our
engagement with neighbouring communities. To do this we need to solidify
our vision so that we better understand what role we play in the open cloud
world and how we can both leverage other projects and also give them a
platform to build upon. I want to see the core services continue to become
more stable and consistent to allow other applications, not even
necessarily within the OpenStack ecosystem, to build upon them. I am
excited by the draft version of the vision that has been set forward and I
want to do what I can to help us work towards that.


On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 7:16 PM, Thierry Carrez <>

> Hi everyone,
> New in this TC election round, we have a few days between nominations
> and actual voting to ask questions and get to know the candidates a bit
> better. I'd like to kick off this new "campaigning period" with a basic
> question on available time and top priority.
> All the candidates are top community members with a lot of
> responsibilities on their shoulders already. My experience tells me that
> it is easy to overestimate the time we can dedicate to Technical
> Committee matters, and how much we can push and get done in six months
> or one year. At the same time, our most efficient way to make progress
> is always when someone "owns" a particular initiative and pushes it
> through the governance process.
> So my question is the following: if elected, how much time do you think
> you'll be able to dedicate to Technical Committee affairs (reviewing
> proposed changes and pushing your own) ? If there was ONE thing, one
> initiative, one change you will actively push in the six months between
> this election round and the next, what would it be ?
> Thanks in advance for your answers !
> --
> Thierry Carrez (ttx)
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