Thierry Carrez wrote:
> So my question is the following: if elected, how much time do you think
> you'll be able to dedicate to Technical Committee affairs (reviewing
> proposed changes and pushing your own) ?

Keep track of the technical direction of OpenStack is an important part
of my role at the OpenStack Foundation. I would say I spend around a
third of my work time directly on TC matters. A significant portion of
that time is spent on duties that are linked to being the TC chair:
processing governance change requests, setting the meeting agenda,
preparing the weekly meeting, following-up on actions and handling
communications with the Board and UC.

> If there was ONE thing, one
> initiative, one change you will actively push in the six months between
> this election round and the next, what would it be ?

Reading everyone else's replies, I'm happy to see that a lot of complex
issues that I consider priorities are listed by other candidates. So
I'll raise something simple that wasn't mentioned yet.

I think the Technical Committee needs to be more prescriptive and clear
about what type of contributions is useful, and where they are the most
useful. We can't assume that everyone knows what is a strategic
contribution to OpenStack. We need to come up with an opinionated
help-wanted list of high-value objectives, so that everyone knows where
their contribution will make a difference. Talking with companies and
contributors from Asia, they need guidance on where to apply their
resources. An "official" list would go a long way. Giving more
recognition to the organizations and individuals helping in those
critical areas would also help. If the only yardstick you give people to
measure their contribution is Stackalytics, you get all sorts of waste
of effort. While we could afford such a waste in the past, I don't think
that's a luxury we have anymore.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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