On Apr 12, 2017, at 9:44 AM, gordon chung <g...@live.ca> wrote:

>> If there was ONE thing, one
>> initiative, one change you will actively push in the six months between
>> this election round and the next, what would it be ?
> this is a really good question! if we're all honest with ourselves, most
> of the rhetoric in the self-nominations are far to grand to be
> accomplished in multiple terms let alone one term which is normal for
> campaigning. it's good to consider what you would consider a success at
> the end of your term(s), whether or you succeed at it or not (i swear
> i'm not a manager).

Very good point. In my case, I presented the goal, knowing that at best I might 
be able to nudge the OpenStack world a bit closer in that direction.

-- Ed Leafe

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