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> What's the one platform will be in your own words? What's your proposal
> and your focus to help one platform vision being achieved?

OpenStack is "one platform", one open infrastructure platform. It can
provide various resources (VMs, bare metal machines, container
orchestration engines, single container hosts, object storage...) with
shared services. You can use your Keystone authentication across the
board. You get "one platform" for compute resources of different types,
and within that platform they can share networks, block storage or
filesystems. This "open stack" can integrate components that are not
developed by the OpenStack community, but for those that are, we aim to
simplify the operational experience by using the same set of base
services, log formats or configuration style.

We need to produce maps of OpenStack that will make it clearer how
everything fits together, and expose the open nature of the stack. I'm
leading a Board+TC+UC group working on that mapping effort. We need to
make it easier for infrastructure pieces produced outside of our
community to be plugged into the open infrastructure platform, and I'm
reaching out to those communities to preach the word, but also support
Keystone, Cinder and Neutron efforts to serve a wider set of consumer
services. Finally, over the past cycle I pushed a clear definition of
the notion of base services. Over the coming cycle we should refine and
expand the set to include new services that every component in the
OpenStack family could take advantage of, like etcd.

Thanks for raising that question!

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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