> +1 for us to publish sets of projects that work together for specific
> scenarios. I heard this idea first from Allison Randall and it
> immediately struck a chord. To be fair folks like Jay Pipes have
> always said (paraphrasing) "OpenStack is a toolbox". So it's the next
> step i guess. Lauren Sell was mentioning yesterday about hearing
> confusion around "Big Tent", i do feel that when we put forth a set of
> constellations we can start deprecating the "Big Tent" terminology if
> appropriate.

I think what we are missing here is more of guidelines and more examples to 
give ideas how to build a platform from the blocks. I see “Big Tent” as a 
terminology that covers our governance as well, therefore I would not go that 
far to deprecate it as of now.

On the other hand, I know at least one other community where a very similar 
concept than the set of constellations here is causing just as much frustration 
as the “Big Tent” currently in our case. I think we need to improve on 
communication and guidance first regardless of whether we get to the conclusion 
of changing the terminology finally or not.


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