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I heard the one platform vision in OpenStack now and then: One platform for 
virtual machines, containers and bare metal.

I also learned that there are some groups working on making Kubernets being 
able to manage virtual machines. Except running containers in virtual machine, 
there is also the need for running containers in bare metal.

There are several projects connecting OpenStack to container world: Zun, 
Magnum, Kuryr, Fuxi... Projects to deal with bare metal like Ironic, Morgan, ...

Can all these efforts lead us to one platform vision? We have to think over the 

What's the one platform will be in your own words? What's your proposal and 
your focus to help one platform vision being achieved?

TBH, I think the answer here is a combination of some of the answers from other
folks in this thread. I've always liked to think of OpenStack as one platform in
the sense that it's set of teams (or projects even) working towards providing a
solution for clouds. I also like to think about these set of projects as an
independent, combinable, group of tools that constitue the one platform.

The key here is that I don't like to think about OpenStack as a massive project
that is all or nothing. This has been one of my most common discussions ever
since I started working on OpenStack. It's also one thing I loved about Glance
and that drove some of the decisions when we created Zaqar.

We naming we'll use will help representing what OpenStack is with the fewer
words possible (one platform, constellations, maps, sets, etc). What really
matters in the end are the properties of these projects and how they will
interact with each other. This is what makes this question critical and
difficult to answer (so thanks :).

Providing a set of combinations, maps/constallations is a good excersice. It
helps consumers to picture OpenStack and understand its capabilities better. In
the end, however, I'd prefer the users to create their own constellations/groups
based on what they need.


Flavio Percoco

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