Though I haven’t attended the operator summit in person a them which has been 
mentioned to me is that we need to offer better reference architectures. I use 
the plural here on purpose because I don’t think there will be one 
architecture/combination of projects which works for everybody. As a community 
(and the TC can help) we should write up guides for reference architectures for 
containers, vms, and bare metal. But we  don’t need to offer just one project – 
there are a couple of ways to get there and we should offer choice. But we owe 
it to the operators that we have tested whatever we write up at some scale.

The second meaning for a “one platform” vision would be a unified API for 
Containers, VMs, and bare metal. I have talked to several people who would like 
to write software which doesn’t need to distinguish between different APIs to 
accomplish that. But I still feel that we should adhere to the Unix philosophy 
and make the best API for each technology and then have the orchestration 
platform or higher level abstractions (e.g. cloud native) worry about it.

This leads me to one of my gripes with the way we work. We sort of accepted 
that it is the projects responsibility to write tests and documentation but 
when it comes who is writing the Heat integration, the Open Stack Ansible part, 
or the Gophercloud part – things get real murky. I don’t iike to add another 
burden to some of the small projects but we also need to figure out a way that 
those things are current and compete. I am hoping that having reference 
architectures can guide us in this regard and I think we need to add more 
visibility what those solution supports and where the gaps are.


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I heard the one platform vision in OpenStack now and then: One platform for 
virtual machines, containers and bare metal.

I also learned that there are some groups working on making Kubernets being 
able to manage virtual machines. Except running containers in virtual machine, 
there is also the need for running containers in bare metal.

There are several projects connecting OpenStack to container world: Zun, 
Magnum, Kuryr, Fuxi... Projects to deal with bare metal like Ironic, Morgan, ...

Can all these efforts lead us to one platform vision? We have to think over the 

What's the one platform will be in your own words? What's your proposal and 
your focus to help one platform vision being achieved?

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang (joehuang)
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