On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 07:00:56PM +0100, Duncan Thomas wrote:
> Hopefully this flow means we can do rebuild root filesystem from
> snapshot/backup too? It seems rather artificially limiting to only do
> restore-from-image. I'd expect restore-from-snap to be a more common
> use case, personally.

That could get tricky. We only support reverting to the last snapshot if we
reuse the same volume. Otherwise, we can create volume from snapshot, but I
don't think it's often that the first thing a user does is create a snapshot on
initial creation of a boot image. If it was created from image cache, and the
backend creates those cached volume by using a snapshot, then that might be an

But these are a lot of ifs, so that seems like it would make the logic for this
much more complicated.

Maybe a phase II optimization we can look into?

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