On 04/04, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> On 4/2/2018 6:59 AM, Gorka Eguileor wrote:
> > I can only see one benefit from implementing this feature in Cinder
> > versus doing it in Nova, and that is that we can preserve the volume's
> > UUID, but I don't think this is even relevant for this use case, so why
> > is it better to implement this in Cinder than in Nova?
> With a new image, the volume_image_metadata in the volume would also be
> wrong, and I don't think nova should (or even can) update that information.
> So nova re-imaging the volume doesn't seem like a good fit to me given
> Cinder "owns" the volume along with any metadata about it.
> If Cinder isn't agreeable to this new re-image API, then I think we're stuck

Hi Matt,

I didn't mean to imply that the Cinder team is against this proposal, I
just want to make sure that Cinder is the right place to do it and that
we will actually get some benefits from doing it in Cinder, because
right now I don't see that many...

> with the original proposal of creating a new volume and swapping out the
> root disk, along with all of the problems that can arise from that (original
> volume type is gone, tenant goes over-quota, what do we do with the original
> volume (delete it?), etc).
> --
> Thanks,
> Matt

This is what I thought the Nova alternative was, so that's why I didn't
understand the image metadata issue.

For clarification, the original volume type cannot be gone, as the type
delete operation prevents used volume types to be deleted, and if for
some reason it were gone (though I don't see how) Cinder would find
itself with the exact same problem, so there's no difference here.

The flow you are describing is basically what the generic implementation
for that functionality would do in Cinder:

- Create a new volume from image using the same volume type
- Swap the volume information like we do in the live migration case
- Delete the original volume
- Nova will have to swap the root volume (request new connection
  information for that volume and attach it to the node).

Because the alternative is for Cinder to download the image and dd it
into the original volume, which breaks all the optimizations that Cinder
has for speed and storage saving in the backend (there would be no

So reading your response I expand the benefits to 2 if done by Cinder:

- Preserve volume UUID
- Remove unlikely race condition of someone deleting the volume type
  between Nova deleting the original volume and creating the new one (in
  this order to avoid the quota issue) when there is no other volume
  using that volume type.

I guess the user facing volume UUID preservation is good enough reason
to have this API in Cinder, as one would assume re-imaging a volume
would never result in having a new volume ID.

But just to be clear, Nova will have to initialize the connection with
the re-imagined volume and attach it again to the node, as in all cases
(except when defaulting to downloading the image and dd-ing it to the
volume) the result will be a new volume in the backend.


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