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>> The reason many features including my own may not make the FF is not
>> because there was not enough buy in from the core team (let's be
>> completely honest - I have 3+ other core members working for the same
>> company that are by nature of things easier to convince), but because of
>> any of the following:
> I find the statement about having multiple cores at the same company very
> concerning. To quote Mark McLoughlin, "It is assumed that all core team
> members are wearing their "upstream hat" and aren't there merely to
> represent their employers interests" [0]. Your statement appears to be in
> direct conflict with Mark's idea of what core reviewer is, and idea that
> IMHO is one of the basic tenants of OpenStack development.
FWIW I read Nikola's 'by nature of things' statement to be more of a
representation of the higher-bandwith communication and relationships with
co-workers rather than "for the company".  I hope my reading is not wrong.

I know a while back some of the things I was trying to land in multiple
projects really benefited from having both the relationships and
high-bandwidth communication to 4 PTLs, three of whom were in the same room
at the time.

There is the perception problem, exactly what Mark also wrote about, when
that happens off-line, and I think it is our responsibility (those
advocating the reviews, and those responding to them) to note the outcome
of those discussions on the record somewhere, IMO preferably in Gerrit.



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