I agree -1 for Padraig

On 12/6/14, 7:42 PM, "Jay Pipes" <jaypi...@gmail.com> wrote:

>On 12/04/2014 04:05 PM, Michael Still wrote:
>> One of the things that happens over time is that some of our core
>> reviewers move on to other projects. This is a normal and healthy
>> thing, especially as nova continues to spin out projects into other
>> parts of OpenStack.
>> However, it is important that our core reviewers be active, as it
>> keeps them up to date with the current ways we approach development in
>> Nova. I am therefore removing some no longer sufficiently active cores
>> from the nova-core group.
>> I¹d like to thank the following people for their contributions over the
>> * cbehrens: Chris Behrens
>> * vishvananda: Vishvananda Ishaya
>> * dan-prince: Dan Prince
>> * belliott: Brian Elliott
>> * p-draigbrady: Padraig Brady
>+1 on Chris, Dan, Vish and Brian, who I believe have all moved on to new
>adventures. -1 on pixelbeat, since he's been active in reviews on
>various things AFAICT in the last 60-90 days and seems to be still a
>considerate reviewer in various areas.
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