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-1 on pixelbeat, since he's been active in reviews on
various things AFAICT in the last 60-90 days and seems to be still a
considerate reviewer in various areas.

I agree -1 for Padraig

I'm going to be honest and say I'm confused here.

We've always said we expect cores to maintain an average of two
reviews per day. That's not new, nor a rule created by me. Padraig is
a great guy, but has been working on other things -- he's done 60
reviews in the last 60 days -- which is about half of what we expect
from a core.

Are we talking about removing the two reviews a day requirement? If
so, how do we balance that with the widespread complaints that core
isn't keeping up with its workload? We could add more people to core,
but there is also a maximum practical size to the group if we're going
to keep everyone on the same page, especially when the less active
cores don't generally turn up to our IRC meetings and are therefore
more "expensive" to keep up to date.

How can we say we are doing our best to keep up with the incoming
review workload if all reviewers aren't doing at least the minimum
level of reviews?

Personally, I care more about the quality of reviews than the quantity. That said, I understand that we have a small number of core reviewers relative to the number of open reviews in Nova (~650-700 open reviews most days) and agree with Dan Smith that 2 reviews per day doesn't sound like too much of a hurdle for core reviewers.

The reason I think it's important to keep Padraig as a core is that he has done considerate, thoughtful code reviews, albeit in a smaller quantity. By saying we only look at the number of reviews in our estimation of keeping contributors on the core team, we are incentivizing the wrong behaviour, IMO. We should be pushing that the thought that goes into reviews is more important than the sheer number of reviews.

Is it critical that we get more eyeballs reviewing code? Yes, absolutely it is. Is it critical that we get more reviews from core reviewers as well as non-core reviewers. Yes, absolutely.

Bottom line, we need to balance between quality and quantity, and kicking out a core reviewer who has quality code reviews because they don't have that many of them sends the wrong message, IMO.


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