This is what i have configured on my compute node. I have two NIC and
both nic connected to same cisco switch but [eth1] is trunk port.

[eth0]   - Management  (vlan30)

[eth1]   - (br-vlan bridge) - Data traffic (vlan 30,10)    - Trunk to cisco

Do you think this is creating loop? how do i solve this issue then?
vlan30 is private address pool (10.x.x.x) but sometime i need instance
running on vlan30 (10.x.x.x) pool too that is why i added vlan30

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 8:52 AM, CARVER, PAUL <> wrote:
> Satish Patel [] wrote:
>>How do I stop that loop at ovs? Any guideline if I am having issue then 
>>someone else must having same issue.
> Neutron uses several bridges in OvS and programs them with flows. In addition 
> there are several ways to configure how your compute node connects to the 
> physical network. A loop can occur when bridges are connected together in 
> multiple places. You may find EasyOVS ( 
> helpful in investigating how your OvS is configured.
> You've probably got a misconfiguration where you have something connected 
> where it shouldn't be. If you can delete all VMs (to minimize the number of 
> things connected to OvS) then just use EasyOVS or the standard OvS commands 
> (e.g. ovs-vsctl show) to gather information on bridges and ports. Then just 
> draw it out on paper. Look at how the bridges are connected together and how 
> your physical NICs (do you have more than one NIC connected to your 2960?) 
> are connected to the bridge(s) and you will likely see a loop somewhere.
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