Sorry it was 10,20   (30 is typo error).

I understand what you saying to keep managment separate but in out
network we have two vlan 10 (public)  and 20 (private)  so i have
decided to put management on (vlan 20) private, but also we have many
server they don't need public network access so we have to put them on
vlan 20 so i have added vlan 20 on trunk port to drive data traffic.

Here is the output of switch, look like its loopback reason.

swt#sh interfaces status err-disabled

Port      Name                  Status       Reason
Err-disabled Vlans
Gi1/0/1  compute-1    err-disabled    loopback

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Rock Rockenhaus <> wrote:
> Your previous email had a configuration snippet for vlans 10 and 20 yet here
> you're saying vlans 10 and 30.  Which vlans are you trying to trunk?
> The point of a management vlan is to keep management separate from your
> normal data traffic, but it's your switch, so I won't really question the
> decision on that.
> Moreover, it's somewhat difficult to assist you; a small snippet of your
> configuration of a single port does not assist in troubleshooting.  The port
> configurations for both NICs and an output of "sh log" or as Paul suggested
> "sh int status err-disabled" would be quite helpful.
> -Rock
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Satish Patel []
> Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 9:20 AM
> Cc: openstack <>
> Subject: Re: [Openstack] cisco trunk interface in err-disabled
> This is what i have configured on my compute node. I have two NIC and both
> nic connected to same cisco switch but [eth1] is trunk port.
> [eth0]   - Management  (vlan30)
> [eth1]   - (br-vlan bridge) - Data traffic (vlan 30,10)    - Trunk to cisco
> Do you think this is creating loop? how do i solve this issue then?
> vlan30 is private address pool (10.x.x.x) but sometime i need instance
> running on vlan30 (10.x.x.x) pool too that is why i added vlan30 [eth1]
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 8:52 AM, CARVER, PAUL <> wrote:
>> Satish Patel [] wrote:
>>>How do I stop that loop at ovs? Any guideline if I am having issue then
> someone else must having same issue.
>> Neutron uses several bridges in OvS and programs them with flows. In
> addition there are several ways to configure how your compute node connects
> to the physical network. A loop can occur when bridges are connected
> together in multiple places. You may find EasyOVS
> ( helpful in investigating how your OvS is
> configured.
>> You've probably got a misconfiguration where you have something connected
> where it shouldn't be. If you can delete all VMs (to minimize the number of
> things connected to OvS) then just use EasyOVS or the standard OvS commands
> (e.g. ovs-vsctl show) to gather information on bridges and ports. Then just
> draw it out on paper. Look at how the bridges are connected together and how
> your physical NICs (do you have more than one NIC connected to your 2960?)
> are connected to the bridge(s) and you will likely see a loop somewhere.
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