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They are saying it could be keepalive.

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:14 PM, Kaustubh Kelkar
<> wrote:
>> > This is what i have configured on my compute node. I have two NIC and
>> > both nic connected to same cisco switch but [eth1] is trunk port.
>> >
>> > [eth0]   - Management  (vlan20)
>> >
>> > [eth1]   - (br-vlan bridge) - Data traffic (vlan 20,10)    - Trunk to cisco
>> >
> [Kaustubh] (I hope I got the VLANs correct). Try to imagine what will happen 
> if the switch port connecting to eth0 gets a broadcast packet (an ARP 
> request, for example). Because the other port is a trunk port, the switch 
> will forward the broadcast packet out to eth1, which in turn will forward to 
> br-int and eventually eth0 thereafter. See the loop?
> I believe, l2_population and arp_responder mechanisms were designed to 
> alleviate this problem. You could enable them and see if this solves the 
> problem.
> -Kaustubh

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