> Am 15.10.2016 um 12:14 schrieb Andreas Färber <afaer...@suse.de>:
>> Am 15.10.2016 um 12:07 schrieb Alexander Graf:
>>> Am 15.10.2016 um 11:59 schrieb Andreas Färber <afaer...@suse.de>:
>>>> Am 13.10.2016 um 10:37 schrieb Guillaume Gardet:
>>>> On  devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi3 project, there are currently
>>>> 2 DTB packages:
>>>> * dtb-aarch64 : compiled broadcom DTBs from sources and output a
>>>> bcm2837-rpi-3-b.dtb file too.
>>> I've recovered my rpi3 setup and successfully tested the above .dtb now:
>>> It showed the wlan0 interface. :)
>>> Booting required changes to /etc/dracut.conf.d/raspberrypi_modules.conf:
>>> * Add bcm2835-sdhost to add_drivers line
>>> * Add new line omit_drivers+=" sdhci-iproc" (courtesy of Fabian)
>>> (Remember to run mkinitrd or dracut with suitable options afterwards.)
>>> I'll later prepare a JeOS SR making the switch.
>> Please beware that this renders the image incompatible with upstream 
>> kernels, so you can't just install 4.8 and have it work.
> Yes, but we don't yet have a working 4.8 image anyway.

What I'm worried about is that we block the upgrade path. A JeOS image which 
blacklists iproc won't be able to upgrade to a newer kernel - unless the 
bcm2835-sdhost driver also goes upstream.

> I have tested adding sdhci-iproc to add_drivers and commenting out the
> omit_drivers line, but we still get stuck in efistub with v2016.09.01.

Well, that's an orthogonal and temporary issue until we get a working u-boot 
binary which we can even push into 42.2. Writing unversioned blacklists is 
something we can't fix with a package update.


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