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However - we're currently a bit lost, on how to approach this task ;-) The
openxpki documentation might still need a bit polishing for newcomers...
Indeed...feel free to contribute ;D

First things we're targeting:
- in the SAN field we'd  like to change the input fields (allow ipv6

Thats easy - have a look at the profile definition in the realm/ca-one/profile folder, in the "ui -> san" block add a new definition, e.g. "ipv6". Then go to the template/ subfolder, make a copy from the ipv4.yaml file and adjust the regex to match your desired format.

- remove unfinished workflows from history (we'd like to keep only finished
workflows in the database).

Thats not possible - the workflows are executed step by step and need the db as persistance layer. What you can do is write a script that deleted unwanted workflows from the database, relevant tables are the four starting with workflow, the artefacts are linked via the workflow_id column.

Documentation states that it's best to start with a new workflow - is there a
howto or s.th. similar?

Not yet - take a simple one and try copy and paste.


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