The book of Jeremiah is clear about the fact that the house of the 
Rechabites was not a priesthood. The book says much about priests, 
so there is no reticence at all talking of priests, so, if the 
Rechabites had been priests, there is no reason for them not to 
have been called so. 

The next historically datable notice we have of the Rechabites 
seems to be Eusebius who was writing in the fourth century. He 
got his information from Hegesippus, and sadly we know next to 
nothing about Hegesippus or where he might have got his 
information. One cannot consider this late material a 
historically reliable source.

Eisenman has made a remarkable amount out of these few references.

George writes:
There is also the explicit references in Talmud (the exact references
are in Eisenman's JAMES THE BROTHER OF JESUS) which
ALSO say that the Rechabite sons and daughters married the
daughters and sons of the High Priest.

I took my copy of JBJ from its venerable place keeping a door in 
in its place and thought I might be able to find these explicit 
references, as such interest me. However, I was confronted with 
1000 pages and only an index of over 50 references to Rechabites 
in the text. I persevered.

On page 229 of JBJ Eisenman writes "We shall see below how the 
Rabbinic tradition also connects these "Rechabites" [..] with the 
High Priest or High Priest class..." Then on page 241 he writes "If 
we keep in mind the Rabbinic notices above that "the sons" or 
"daughters of the Rechabites" married those of the High Priest..." 
The trouble is, looking "below" page 229 and "above" page 241, I 
could find no Rabbinic tradition cited, nor could I find any 
explicit references in the Talmud.

George, would you be kind enough to cite exactly where in JBJ one 
can find these references and perhaps what they are for those 
without the tome? I do strongly recommend, next time you give 
reference to another book as a source of a citation, please give 
the page(s) where the information is found, which is normal 


Ian Hutchesson

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