> Ian writes:
> On page 229 of JBJ Eisenman writes "We shall see below how the
> Rabbinic tradition also connects these "Rechabites" [..] with the
> High Priest or High Priest class..." Then on page 241 he writes "If
> we keep in mind the Rabbinic notices above that "the sons" or
> "daughters of the Rechabites" married those of the High Priest..."
> The trouble is, looking "below" page 229 and "above" page 241, I
> could find no Rabbinic tradition cited...
> *****

Geof writes: 
> On page 999 of JBJ, note 22, Eisenman writes: '....followed by the 
> tradition in the Yalkut on Jer.35.12, that the grandsons of the
> served in the Temple and their daughters married the sons of the

I have foolishly let go of my copy of JAMES THE BROTHER OF JESUS.

But I specifically remember a footnote that quotes the 2 sections of
Talmud that testify to Rechabites gaining entre into the priestly world
by marrying the children of the High Priest.

I wish I had the footnotes right in front of me.... but if someone
has a copy of the book in front of them... it should be straightforward
to find.

I will be responding to some of the other posts today or tomorrow.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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