Hi Users (Robert),

I noticed that the include file "export"
has the following

#if defined(_MSC_VER)
    #pragma warning( disable : 4244 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4251 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4267 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4275 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4290 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4786 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4305 )
    #pragma warning( disable : 4996 )

there is no push/pop for the warning in the header file which will make
these warnings disabled in my own code too. I would like to catch this
warnings in my own code and I shouldn't be forced to enabling them.

the only reason I see for having them grouped here in the header is
a convience method so osg doesn't have to disable them all places
that gives these warnings? is this correct? or is there a better reason?

Peter Wraae Marino

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