On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 3:42 PM, Simon Hammett
> I agree with Peter, arbitrarily turning off peoples warnings isn't good
> practice.

The OSG generally doesn't disable warnings, warning disabling is only
done on VS as it's had a history of producing lots of warnings on
correct code.

It's a number of years since I've used Windows.  I do occassionally up
the warning levels on the OSG via's our Cmake's options for this, this
can help you spot some useful mistakes, but it also flags lots of
warnings that mislead more than they inform so you have to enable them
with an eye to what the warnings really mean - I do occassionally see
"fixes" to warnings that while well meaning actually break code.

If it's possible to get VS to disable warnings via compiler options
rather than in source #pragma then this would be the best solution,
it's what we have under gcc.

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