Hi Simon,

As Alberto Luaces said, there is an external library for OSG to support
various polygon technologies, osgModeling (
http://code.google.com/p/osgmodeling/) is completely new work and not
familiar to others. But there have been already Bezier, NURBS, extrusions,
revolutions (constructed by a profile rotated specified angles) and lofts
(constructed by lofting a series of curves that define the cross section on
a specified path) functions, also the boolean operation based on BSP tree of

A future version will conclude the subdivision function (Loop and Sqrt3, and
easy to add more) and a new NormalVisitor with 6 methods to calculate the
weights and generate normals. It will be released in 1-2 weeks but you could
check out the SVN version now.

Hope it will help if you have a similar plan. The project is LGPL and you
may use it freely, although tons of bugs in it at present. :)

Wang Rui

2008/11/8 Simon Hammett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> For me Geometry handling and generators.
> I've spent part of today writing a generalised extrusion function but I'd
> be highly
> surprised if this hasn't been done 10,000 times already.
> I couldn't find such a function in osg.
> If it is there, then maybe you could get your students to help with
> the documentation in the code and on the website. ;)
> Also a high level CSG library would be fantastic.
> I'm doing CAD stuff and it would be so much faster if I could just specify
> things like 'intersect a cylinder with this box'
> This might be relatively straight forward, if the CSG library generates
> meshes to feed to:
> http://gts.sourceforge.net/
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