Hi Paul,

I currently disable autocompute and set a large far plane value and a small
near plane value, but this results in z fighting.

That's exactly what I'm hoping to avoid.

The equivalent to this in
OpenGL would be to use two Camera nodes.
Seems like you could do something similar with your skydome. Use a camera to
render the skydome, then a second camera to render everything else in your

Yes, that seems like it could work. I'll look into it.

(By the way, to "set" the near and far plane values, you set the projection
matrix. OSG abstracts this away to make them look like two separate
concepts, which is why we have a FAQ on "why does OSG seem to ignore my near
and far values?" The answer is that OSG, by default, autocomputes the near
and far planes and overrides those values as set by an application that
explicitly sets the projection matrix.)

I'm familiar with the projection matrix and the auto compute modes... I don't want to set the actual near and far plane values, I want to set the values that the CullVisitor computes... It seems to me that the computed values will be computed completely before any actual drawing occurs, so setting the near/far myself won't change anything since the auto compute will then overwrite my values. I'm basically looking for a way for my skydome not to affect the calculated near/far values.


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