Hi David,

I had to use the approach I posted to simultaneously:

1) Make sure the skydome didn't participate in near/far autocalculation
2) Make sure OSG didn't cull the skydome
3) Make sure that OGL would actually draw something
4) Allow the skydome to draw last.

The problem when the skydome renders last is that it won't be blended correctly with transparent objects (they need to be rendered after all opaque objects, and sorted back to front).

Since the skydome is furthest from the camera, but if actually wraps around the camera, the only way to guarantee that it will be drawn in the correct order for transparent objects in the foreground to blend correctly with it is to render it first.

I know this sounds bad, I previously advocated rendering skydomes/skyboxes last too (to take advantage of the fact that we can just set any fragments that have not been set yet by other objects) but I don't see how to reconcile that with the rendering of transparent objects in the foreground.

So, given that I need the skydome to render first, it means I need to muck around with the clear settings and things like that, which I don't like.

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