Thanks Michel!
This is also taking shape through the various Assemblies and Chambers of
the Commons emerging around the world. I'm reminded of Levy's thoughts on
the shift from collective intelligence
<> to collective wisdom...

Collective intelligence solves problems or resolves conflicts of, by and
> for a group, an organization, a community or a whole society. It solve
> those problems and conflicts for the here and now, for people who are
> interested, aware, and involved. Collective wisdom, on the other hand, has
> a bigger challenge. It needs to expand out from the particular problem or
> conflict, from the here and now, from those interested, aware and involved.
> It needs to embrace larger contexts, interests, drivers and possibilities.
> It has to consider the deep needs of people long gone and yet unborn, and
> to delve into deeper levels of understanding and caring. It ventures into
> unseen dimensions of life - into background trends, hidden corruptions and
> connections, psychospiritual influences, scientific microcosms and
> macrocosms - to realize unexpected consequences, novel resources, and
> extraordinarily potent answers. Being the Big Picture form of intelligence,
> wisdom is born out of our capacity to stretch creatively into the unknown
> and the unacknowledged, into the new angle, the deeper parts of ourselves,
> the fringe insights and possibilities.


On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 6:06 AM, Michel Bauwens <>

> The above has always been the ambition of the P2P Foundation, and I
> believe this is now coalescing .. some signs
> 1) Las Indias has consolidated all its original insights in the just
> published Communard Manifesto (Steve Herrick
> <>: you can perhaps let them know
> about this posting here as they are not on fb)
> 2) the last video by Dmytri Kleiner
> <>, which I posted here, also
> shows a convergence towards this multi-modal approach (working for the
> strengthening of the new economy within the existing one) and has a very
> precise strategy and many innovative concepts
> 3) the critique by Alanna Krause <> on
> the blockchain which I posited, along with the 'transvestment' practices,
> show that both the practice, and the theory, and the subjectivity of
> Enspiral is moving in the same direction
> 4) as for myself, I am working on a more theoretical book in which I'm
> aligning all our pasts insights following the overview of Kojin Karatini ..
> I may be forgetting some other elements, but here we are, there is
> effectively, a collective organic intellectual at work, which is thinking
> through the strategies to be followed by the forces of the commons, in a
> way that may have been there in seed form, but is about to flower and ..
> I am not implying here of course that there are no differences between the
> approaches of these groups, but that they are moving broadly in the same
> direction .
> At present, there are not any formal bridges between these groups, but
> there are occasional informal contacts, and the memes do seem to travel ..
> With Dmytri Kleiner, we are discussing a 'Transvestment' conference in
> Berlin at the end of this year, no funding yet, this could be an occasion
> for these groups to enter into more coherent dialogue,
> Michel
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