I can't speak to LR4.4, that's too old: I haven't run anything less than 5.x or 
6.x for over a year, certainly never on anything older than macOS 10.11 El 
Capitan. I've been running Sierra through various alpha/beta iterations with 
PSCS5.1 and LR6.x for the past 9 months. The only problems I've noted (with 
both) are some issues with color managed printing profiles, but with LR6.4-6.6 
this happened even on macOS 10.11 El Capitan. LR6.7 seems to have addressed 
these now, but I haven't done extensive testing yet.

Otherwise, all of the apps I use in my image processing workflow (Lightroom, 
Flare, occasionally Photoshop) along with some of the display/word 
processing/etc apps I use have either worked flawlessly or have been updated 
for Sierra already. 

I have an existing installation of the last ever version of Aperture on one of 
my systems and it's still working well with Sierra. 

I understand that Capture One prior to version 9.3 has had some issues that 
have now been taken care of, but it's been a while since I tested C1. 


On Oct 17, 2016, at 11:41 AM, Bruce Walker <bruce.wal...@gmail.com> wrote:

Dave's workflow dilemma reminded me I wanted to ask you folks if
anyone had experienced or heard of any issues or app breakage caused
by upgrading to Mac OS 10.12 Sierra?

I use an older Lightroom, 4.4. Also older Photoshop CS5 (12.0.4).

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