On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 12:04 PM, Godfrey DiGiorgi <godd...@me.com> wrote:
> Most of the work in Sierra is actually OS infrastructure that makes it 
> perform better on the same hardware I was running El Capitan on, from what I 
> see and what my use of it shows. That's what makes it worth more to me.

Now _that_ would be worth the upgrade to me. You'd think the marketing
folks would have emphasized that as a bullet point, but I guess it's
not sexy enough.

> (An iPad Pro is now pretty much my 'standard computer' other than for 
> photographic and publishing work.)

I carry my iPad around the house with me for checking email and such,
so yeah, I get that. But I don't try to do anything creative with it.
Nothing that requires typing or "mousing".

(Doing anything creative using a touchscreen is like trying to set a
dining table for eight wearing boxing gloves. You might think you are
starting to do okay until you get to the wine glasses.)


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