On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 3:29 PM, Godfrey DiGiorgi <godd...@me.com> wrote:
>> On Oct 18, 2016, at 10:00 AM, Bruce Walker <bruce.wal...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> (Doing anything creative using a touchscreen is like trying to set a
>> dining table for eight wearing boxing gloves. You might think you are
>> starting to do okay until you get to the wine glasses.)
> I have the keyboard cover for the iPad Pro. I'm typing this on it now. It's a 
> very nice keyboard, actually, even the small one on this 9.7 inch model. (I 
> have a 12.3 inch model as well, but I don't carry it around as much.) I've 
> written one and a half books on this iPad and put together presentations, a 
> few slide shows, a few spreadsheets, etc etc. I've also created videos and 
> integrated music, talk-over narration, etc. With a good drawing app and a 
> stylus, I can draw or work the screen to whatever resolution you might want 
> (although I'm a pretty horrible sketch artist according to my sketch artist 
> friends...). So I can't really agree with your analogy of 'wearing boxing 
> gloves' or 'doing anything creative' being difficult. It's pretty easy as a 
> matter of fact.
> Well crafted apps and good peripherals enable a lot. I wouldn't discount 
> them. Crappy apps and just a touchscreen aren't entirely adequate for 
> everything; a modern computer without a good mouse or touch pad, a good 
> keyboard, etc, is pretty useless too.

What I find is that touchscreen environments are "fragile". With a
keyboard and mouse I tell the computer what I want done whereas with a
touchscreen I plead repeatedly with it to do what I'd like.

I touch an icon. Nothing happens. I touch it again, it maybe jiggles
or flashes briefly. Third time it finally launches the app. Great, now
I want to type a reply in Instagram so I get the virtual keyboard.
Type a few letters, okay. Try to type a P which is near the edge of
the screen -- no go. I try twisting my finger in several different
orientations, on its side, straight down, nothing. Finally I get an
ell or I accidentally enable the microphone.

It's always just an exercise in frustration. Getting the wrong action
is frequent and getting a dangerous action is frequent enough to be
really annoying. I end up deleting email instead of simply closing it
or moving it to another folder. The number of times I have made the
end of my finger sore by angrily stabbing at the screen when some UI
element refuses to react is uncountable.

The Apple screens are way better than Android ones for sure, but they
are all simply annoying and frustrating to use so I always do as
little as possible on them then move my work to a desktop to get done.

If I really wanted to use the iPad on the go, I would get a real
keyboard for it as you suggest. That would help no doubt, at the
expense of making it somewhat less portable.


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