> On Oct 18, 2016, at 10:00 AM, Bruce Walker <bruce.wal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Now _that_ would be worth the upgrade to me. You'd think the marketing
> folks would have emphasized that as a bullet point, but I guess it's
> not sexy enough.

What sells units is features, unfortunately. Runs counter to my intuition and 
logic too. I don't need many features, I like solid incremental improvement on 
a sound feature base.

>> (An iPad Pro is now pretty much my 'standard computer' other than for 
>> photographic and publishing work.)
> I carry my iPad around the house with me for checking email and such,
> so yeah, I get that. But I don't try to do anything creative with it.
> Nothing that requires typing or "mousing".
> (Doing anything creative using a touchscreen is like trying to set a
> dining table for eight wearing boxing gloves. You might think you are
> starting to do okay until you get to the wine glasses.)

I have the keyboard cover for the iPad Pro. I'm typing this on it now. It's a 
very nice keyboard, actually, even the small one on this 9.7 inch model. (I 
have a 12.3 inch model as well, but I don't carry it around as much.) I've 
written one and a half books on this iPad and put together presentations, a few 
slide shows, a few spreadsheets, etc etc. I've also created videos and 
integrated music, talk-over narration, etc. With a good drawing app and a 
stylus, I can draw or work the screen to whatever resolution you might want 
(although I'm a pretty horrible sketch artist according to my sketch artist 
friends...). So I can't really agree with your analogy of 'wearing boxing 
gloves' or 'doing anything creative' being difficult. It's pretty easy as a 
matter of fact.

Well crafted apps and good peripherals enable a lot. I wouldn't discount them. 
Crappy apps and just a touchscreen aren't entirely adequate for everything; a 
modern computer without a good mouse or touch pad, a good keyboard, etc, is 
pretty useless too. 

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