Hmm. Your experience is nothing like mine. What system are you using? 

For me (and I only use Apple equipment so I have no idea how Android or other 
touch devices respond), the iPad Pro in particular is every bit as responsive 
as any mouse and/or trackpad desktop computer. As a matter of fact, it's 
actually more responsive in many situations with better finger/touch/pointing 
accuracy, etc. It's so good in fact that when I'm working on one of the MacBook 
laptops I often touch the screen to affect something and wonder why it didn't 
respond until I realize that I'm on a different machine/OS, etc. 

I touch an icon and instantly the app is running and waiting for my input, or 
showing me what I wanted to see. If I'm using the soft keyboard, I can type 50 
wpm on it ... the keyboard gives a better tactile feel and gives me more screen 
real estate to work with. BTW, the keyboard cover adds an eighth of an inch to 
the overall thickness of the iPad Pro when closed and about four ounces, that's 
it; the machine remains just as portable. 

If you are experiencing that kind of poor responsiveness with an Apple iPad, 
let me know what model/configuration/iOS version you're using. Also, if you're 
on a model with limited storage and limited free space, be sure you don't have 
a lot of background-active apps and services running, slowing things down. 


> On Oct 18, 2016, at 1:30 PM, Bruce Walker <> wrote:
> What I find is that touchscreen environments are "fragile". With a
> keyboard and mouse I tell the computer what I want done whereas with a
> touchscreen I plead repeatedly with it to do what I'd like.
> I touch an icon. Nothing happens. I touch it again, it maybe jiggles
> or flashes briefly. Third time it finally launches the app. Great, now
> I want to type a reply in Instagram so I get the virtual keyboard.
> Type a few letters, okay. Try to type a P which is near the edge of
> the screen -- no go. I try twisting my finger in several different
> orientations, on its side, straight down, nothing. Finally I get an
> ell or I accidentally enable the microphone.
> It's always just an exercise in frustration. Getting the wrong action
> is frequent and getting a dangerous action is frequent enough to be
> really annoying. I end up deleting email instead of simply closing it
> or moving it to another folder. The number of times I have made the
> end of my finger sore by angrily stabbing at the screen when some UI
> element refuses to react is uncountable.
> The Apple screens are way better than Android ones for sure, but they
> are all simply annoying and frustrating to use so I always do as
> little as possible on them then move my work to a desktop to get done.
> If I really wanted to use the iPad on the go, I would get a real
> keyboard for it as you suggest. That would help no doubt, at the
> expense of making it somewhat less portable.

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