Paul Stenquist wrote:
See if your highlights make it to the end of the histogram. If not, using the 
upper slider, move the white point to the spot where the histogram hits 
baseline. Then, using the lower slider, clip the white point to about 248 to 
250. Use your eye and judgement. Next, using the upper slider, set the black 
point to about 18. Then clip the blacks by setting the lower slider to about 8. 
Now your midrange will be a bit too dark, so adjust midrange with the upper 
slider until the look is pleasing. These numbers work for many images. You have 
to exercise judgement and fine tune.

I did my best to follow Paul's suggestions. I uploaded the new version to both the full resolution set:

and the general set from the walkabout

Links to the whole set to make it easier to compare the two versions.

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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