Whatcha trying to do Larry, make people in snowy areas envious??? Heh.

Nice pano of Santa Cruz. Although I think it would have been better (in spots) with a tripod. So it's surprising how well it turned out.

One thing puzzles me. Where were you standing? (Been a while since I was there, and can't recall if there was a pier right there.)

Marnie aka Doe   It certainly is the spot for a pano.

On 1/7/2018 1:15 AM, Larry Colen wrote:
Today was a short break in the chilly wet weather and I got a few shots down in Santa Cruz this afternoon
A kid and his father (?) on a run/walk down the beach:

A seagull finally had enough of being pestered by a lass

A couple of phone calls due to a moment of human drama

I also got silly and posted a full resolution panorama

Full set at:

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