I can get a better print for less at Costco.

On 2/9/2018 06:04, Jostein wrote:
Link gone dead.
Found another link, with suggested retail price and all. Interesting bit
of silliness in its own right.


Den 07.02.2018 19:28, skrev Igor PDML-StR:

... or rather the photo title.

While looking at the moon photos of Peter Lik, I've found one
more photo that I suspect to be fake. Well, not the photo itself, but what
it claims to be.

This one is titled "Lunar eclipse". My claim is that it is not an eclipse.
Rather, it is just one of the lunar phases.
An eclipse is a shadow of the Earth. So, the dark-light boundary has a
circular shape, not a straight one as here.
The straight line is consistent with the light source (sun) being
on the right, at about 90 degrees.

See lunar eclipse photos here:
(you'd need to "click-scroll" to the right to #4, 5, 7)
or here:

I wonder what PDML astro-enthusiaststs think about that?


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Religion - Answers we must never question.

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