If I thought it would work...

On 2/23/2018 2:21 PM, John wrote:
Have you considered hiring a witch doctor to put a curse on them?

On 2/23/2018 08:52, P. J. Alling wrote:
I have a positive loathing for Precision Camera, from experiences
more than 40 years ago.  It takes a lot to make one still dislike an
organization, after a gap of 40 years.  They were an early
promulgator of the idea that the customer was always wrong.

I was working for a Camera retailer at the time, and I well remember
the call from one of their technicians to tell me that they would not
honor the warranty on my MX because it had some cosmetic damage.

I accepted that, and told them to make the repair, and that I would
pay for it, which was to a wonky meter, a known problem, from the
factory, that required the replacement of one part.

The fact that neither I nor our in house repair tech, who examined
the camera before sending it out, noticed the small dent in the top
plate, that the Precision tech said voided said warranty, well things

When I got the camera back they had reshaped the top plate so that
the damage was now clearly noticeable, and had not actually repaired
the actual metering problem.  Oh, and yes they did charge me for both
that and making the cosmetic damage very noticeable.

When I called back to complain that the actual problem hadn't been
repaired, and that the work they had actually done was unnecessary,
as I didn't care that much if there was a small dent in the top
plate, since the camera wasn't under warranty,  but mostly I
complained that the meter was still wonky.

I was told that I could send it back but they'd charge me for the new

Since then I've recommended to anyone who asked advice on camera
repair to use anyone but Precision, to help Precision into their
inevitable chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Unfortunately in this I have failed.  At a guess I would say that
most people don't actually talk to a Precision representative, and
take out their anger on the retailer, most of whom have pretty
horrible levels of service these days as well.

On 2/22/2018 12:21 PM, Leng-Feng wrote:
It will be like you paid $550 for using K1 for a year and get to
"upgrade" to the latest and greatest. :)

If it is like $299 or $350 I think I will do it right away. For
$550, I might wait a bit (especially many have negative experience
with Precision Camera?)

Personally, I think except the better noise processing that
required hardware change, other features can be done via firmware
upgrade to K1. So $550 is a bit steep.


On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 12:07 PM, jtainter
<jtain...@mindspring.com> wrote:

I doubt if I'll ever need ISO 819,200 and I will probably never
use pixel shift. Is there any other reason to take up this

Also, if I get this new motherboard, will I have to do focus
testing again on all of my (many) lenses? Unless the upgrade
offers something more than the above, this would be a deal

Thanks to anyone who can answer.


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