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Bill <anotherdrunken...@gmail.com> wrote:

On 2/22/2018 11:21 AM, Leng-Feng wrote:
If it is like $299 or $350 I think I will do it right away. For $550, I
might wait a bit (especially many have negative experience with Precision

I bet many more have had great experience with them. It's just that the
internet has given voice to disgruntled people with nothing to say.

Definitely. Precision did a repair and overhaul on my FA*80-200/2.8 (a
famously complex and difficult-to-disassemble lens) for far less money
than I expected and did a superb job. Turned it around fairly quickly,

The problem with internet reporting is that the people who feel they have been treated poorly make noise far in excess of their numbers. I notice this on the Titan Diesel forums where you would think that these trucks can't make it across town without breaking down, and apparently they are far better than the Rams, Fords and GMCs, which can barely get off the driveway without a trip to the mechanic. I'm sure that Precision has had it's fair share of failures, but I am fairly certain that the numbers are not horribly skewed towards failures, no matter what the internet brayers would have us think.

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