I did learn something new today. The Sekonic L-408 Multimaster can meter reflected light flash using the spot meter function.

Tony was demonstrating how to control the color of light on a background, but the function only worked if you could first set the background light so it was three stops down from the main light & it wouldn't work with an incident reading (don't know why; that's what he was saying).

He was saying that only a few select meters are capable of taking reflected readings from flash; mainly one VERY EXPENSIVE Sekonic meter.

... and as it turns out the L-408 Multimaster.

On 6/11/2018 02:16, Paul Sorenson wrote:
Oops...that should have been L- 308S not 3085

On 6/11/2018 1:11 AM, Paul Sorenson wrote:
I'm with Larry.  When I had a working studio I used White Lightnings. Now I have a set of Alien Bees for the occasions when I need studio lighting. They're relatively inexpensive, provide consistent light output and are adjustable over seven stops.

Paired with an incident light meter they're all you need with today's DSLRs. I have a Shepherd Polaris meter - cheap but works well - though it's not available new anymore.  The Sekonic L-3085-U  looks so surprisingly like the Polaris that I wonder if Sekonic bought out Polaris.  It measures both incident and reflected light for strobe and ambient light.


On 6/10/2018 7:48 PM, John wrote:
I'm taking a class on lighting this week with Tony Corbell. He's using Profoto Air TTL and the Profoto strobes (A1, B1, B1X & D1). Great if you're a Nikon or Canon shooter.


But what options are there if you're a Pentax shooter like me?

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