And indeed, another Earthlink Email was rejected by "spameatingmonkey".

Second attempt:

On 6/10/2018 21:32, Bruce Walker wrote:

> John, assuming you mean "what options do you have for using his gear
> during the course", your Pentax gear will work just fine with the
> Profoto kit, fully manual operation only.

I already figured out the xTTL only works with the dedicated controller. I'm not looking for xTTL, just a way to remotely change power levels independently.

> HSS has its uses like overpowering the sun outdoors, but I'm okay with
> using an ND filter instead.
> If you are looking for gear recommendation for you to buy afterward, I
> have opinions there too. :-)

I would like the option of HSS.

I was kind of looking for ideas on what those shooting in studio with Pentax are using. Right now, it's really idle curiosity, because I don't know if I'll ever be able to set up a studio.

> On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 8:48 PM, John <> wrote:
>> I'm taking a class on lighting this week with Tony Corbell. He's using
>> Profoto Air TTL and the Profoto strobes (A1, B1, B1X & D1). Great if you're
>> a Nikon or Canon shooter.
>> But what options are there if you're a Pentax shooter like me?

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