On 8/12/2017 10:43 AM, Stephen C. Rose wrote:
Isn't the point of considering anything the end? And isn't the end
a practical actionable something (expression, act) that contains
the initial sign and the index.

Peirce said that the interpretant of any sign is always another sign.
He also said that every meaningful sign must show its passport at the
gates of perception and action.  But he put no limits on the number
of intermediate steps.

In which case the sign would already have been predefined by the
logical end, though requiring the cogitative process to get there.
Isn't the end the point of the pragmaticist maxim.

Both gates are essential for meaningful signs.  But any mark
may be interpreted as a token of an open-ended variety of types.
A meaningful sign could be encountered on many different steps
of many different paths from perceptible marks to purposive actions.

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