> On Aug 9, 2017, at 7:18 AM, g...@gnusystems.ca wrote:
> But there is another side of the question revealed in Peirce’s 1909 letter to 
> Welby (SS 118):
> “My studies must extend over the whole of general Semeiotic. I think, dear 
> Lady Welby, that you are in danger of falling into some error in consequence 
> of limiting your studies so much to Language and among languages to one very 
> peculiar language, as all Aryan Languages are; and within that language so 
> much to words.”

This is very important and also a rut philosophy fell into during the move to 
linguistic analysis during much of the 20th century. Missing these more general 
cases in preference to ordinary language. 

> There is also a phenomenological side to Peirce’s semeiotic as revealed in 
> the Welby letters, but despite the subject line, we haven’t really considered 
> that in this thread …

Yes. I have a reply to that original comment from last week I’m still working 
on. I’ll hopefully take it up in there. I’m still quite swamped though. 
Hopefully others might take it up in the meantime.

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