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That is your own personal view about reality and truth, but it is obviously
different from Peirce's, for whom those concepts were two sides of the same

CSP:  Truth consists in the existence of a real fact corresponding to the
true proposition. (CP 2.652; 1878)

CSP:  ... a true proposition corresponds to a *real matter of fact*, by
which is meant a state of things, definite and individual, which *does not
consist merely in being represented (in any particular representation) to
be as it is*. For example, if I dream that I find I can float in the air,
this matter of dream is not matter of fact, for the reason that the only
sense in which I can float in the air is that so my dream represented the
matter. (CP 8.126; 1901)

CSP:  That which any true proposition asserts is *real*, in the sense of
being as it is regardless of what you or I may think about it. (CP 5.432;

CSP:  Thus, the substance of a dream is not Real, since it was such as it
was, merely in that a dreamer so dreamed it; but the fact of the dream is
Real, if it was dreamed; since if so, its date, the name of the dreamer,
etc. make up a set of circumstances sufficient to distinguish it from all
other events; and these belong to it, *i.e.* would be true if predicated of
it, whether A, B, or C Actually ascertains them or not. (CP 6.453; 1908)


Jon Alan Schmidt - Olathe, Kansas, USA
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On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 10:15 AM, Stephen C. Rose <>

> A dream is a sign. A sign is anything that can be perceived. At this
> point, you perceive your dream and someone else or others know you had a
> dream. Reality has nothing to do with truth or falsehood. Nothing is unreal
> including dreams, lies, and raindrops and whatever becomes of them. This
> mode of seeing things seems to me to be semiotic and ordinary as I think
> Peirce is.
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