Mark Overmeer wrote:
CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.
Not the Comprehensive Perl 5 Archive Network.

What's in a name.

Much, actually. As the ZCAN document explains, the set of mirrors are donated to Perl by various donors who agreed to hold *Perl* modules. These computers do not belong to us. If the donors agreed to hold Perl modules, it would be an abuse to use it to upload Ruby and Python modules as well.

It is perfectly reasonable to put Perl 6 in CPAN. Perl 6 is Perl. It is defensible to put Parrot assembly in CPAN. But it is not ok to use a computer that was donated for Perl to also distribute Java, Ruby, PHP, Lua and Smalltalk modules.

So, where do you stop?

You stop at the point where you start breaching your verbal agreement with the owners of the computers you are using.

Perl6 and Perl5 have some things in common, just like PHP and Perl5.

Perl 6 is the next version of Perl 5 and Perl 6 comes with a Perl 5 compatibility mode and Perl 6 is intended to be able to use Perl 5 modules. That makes Perl 5 different from PHP.


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