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> On Fri, 29 May 2009, Alex Elsayed wrote:
>> Instead, it would go to the distributions, who are already well-prepared to
>> handle packaging. We'd just be providing the tools and material they need to
>> do so.
> Let me reiterate that, while I'd love to have the complete CPAN  
> available pre-packaged for my distro, it doesn't seem like that's 
> necessarily going to happen.

Certainly not if you need recent releases of modules, because someone
fixed a bug for you. It can easily take a year before a distribution
picks that up.

> Thus, what I want is a tool that will allow me to download the source,
> turn it into a package for my distro, and install it.  This is why I
> want the Software::Packager solution.  Empower the user :).

But that module does not contain anything which is required to produce
packages for Linux distributions.  Well, ok, I should say: it does not
handle any of the complex things.

Yesterday, I drew a picture of how I see services to happen.  Having an
automated service which is specialized in building debs and such.  Now,
such tools do exist, but are usually not published by the distribution
makers.  Maybe, you can collect those (and unify them)  Could be far
more complex than you wish for.


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