* Timothy S. Nelson (wayl...@wayland.id.au) [090530 02:15]:
>>> * PAUSE6; this is an actual network based on the CPAN6 software (see
>>>   above).  It also is not documented here.
>> Pause6 is one implementation of archive maintenance software.  In the
>> first version written in Perl5, it implements things like
>       I'm still not sure we're on the same page.  Let me give an example:
> -     Perl6 is a specification
> -     Rakudo is an implementation of that specification
> -     www.example.com runs a copy of Rakudo (to serve their site)
>       So we have:
> -     Specification
> -     Implementation
> -     Installation
> Which of those is CPAN6?  Which is Pause6?  Your use of the word  
> "implementation" is confusing me; I'm saying Pause6 is the installation  
> (accessible to the world).  Is that what you're saying?

CPAN6 is like IP: routing and exchanging packages.  Quite small and stupid.
Pause6 is like TCP: knows how to get the right packages.
Install tools are like HTTP: understand the content of packages.

You should avoid ever changing the IP level.  But next to TCP, you have
UDP and so on, for different package handling needs.  (On that level,
I define connections to external archive-like applications, like OpenID)

So: CPAN6 has a spec and an implementation
    Pause6 has a spec and an implementation
    Install tools may get a spec and implementation (part of this
       discussion thread, but not of my project)

CPAN6 will run on all servers with this group-sharing concept. It enables
playing with large number of archives and mirrors: required to move from
the solo namespace of current CPAN into multiple namespaces.

Pause6 may be replaced eventually, gradulary, with other implementations.
One CPAN6 server can run different implementations and configurations
in parallel.

Install tools for Perl will be installed where people run Perl and use
an archive which contains Perl.  Of course, other kinds of applications
can use the archive data.

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