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IMO, that discussion should go in the direction of additional services:
the CPAN archive distributes what authors publish.  The install tools
(CPAN.pm/CPANPLUS/successors) make that code fit in specific operating
systems. As a service, other people can publish the results of their
specific module installation via package-managers to the world, such
that those people can use they platform native software management
tools.  Just like search.cpan.org is an independent additional service
on the CPAN archive.
And once again we run into an issue: This workflow would require that each end
user, rather than using /only/ CPAN(PLUS)? or /only/ their package manager to
install, they are forced to use one to generate packages, and then the other
to install them! By providing a very open metadata  spec, we can make it so
that neither the Perl community nor the end-users need to take on that burden.
Instead, it would go to the distributions, who are already well-prepared to
handle packaging. We'd just be providing the tools and material they need to
do so.

Let me reiterate that, while I'd love to have the complete CPAN available pre-packaged for my distro, it doesn't seem like that's necessarily going to happen. Thus, what I want is a tool that will allow me to download the source, turn it into a package for my distro, and install it. This is why I want the Software::Packager solution. Empower the user :).

        Also. TMTOWTDI.  I'd like it so that the solution allows for:
-       People who want to install distro-packages from repos (this would
        require nothing on the client side except yum/apt repo config)
-       People who want to build their distro-packages locally and install
-       People who want to build their distro-packages locally and not install
-       People who want to install the software directly into the Perl
        directories without packaging them for their distro at all

        Metadata++, though.

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