* Nathan Torkington <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [05/10/2001 17:31]:
> Here's the corresponding perl6 program:
>   #!/usr/bin/perl -w
>   while (<$ARGS>) {

Whoa! Is RFC 94 being considered?! I thought I retracted that. ;-)

> Notice the variable changes: %count{...} because I'm talking about the
> hash %count.  @r[0] because I'm talking about the array @r.  

Yeah, this part I like alot. And if we keep <> like your code example
suggests I'll shut up. :-)

I don't think we're seriously in danger of turning Perl into a wild
froofroo language (we all love it too much).  But it's easy to do so
without realizing it by successive iterations of seemingly minor
changes which together add up to a big difference.


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