On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 03:22:04PM -0400, Stephen P. Potter wrote:
> This is quite a simple little script.  The majority of the changes that are
> being talked about won't ever show up in this.  It'd be nice if you could
> show something a little more complex.

The problem is that some people are convinced that Perl 6 will be nothing like
Perl 5. "The majority of the changes", they say, won't ever show up in *any*
given piece of code you give them. These changes are hidden, lurking, ready to
bite; they're there in the obscure details, in the nooks and crannies. 

Never mind the fact that for the majority of programs, there won't be any
changes at all - these programs are, obviously, just too simple. 

And so, you can give these people any number of programs where Perl 6 is
almost identical to Perl 5, and they really won't believe that the languages
are almost identical.

Of course, they argue, it's only when you get into really complex magical
weird programming that Perl 5 differs from Perl 6.

On the other hand, so what?

Actually Perl *can* be a Bondage & Discipline language but it's unique
among such languages in that it lets you use safe words. 
    -- Piers Cawley

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