On Sat 12 May 2001 00:35, Nathan Torkington <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jarkko Hietaniemi writes:
> > Yea, verily.  I have more than once stared for more seconds than I
> > care to admit being completely baffled at why my C compiler doesn't
> > appreciate
> > 
> >     print "foo = $foo\n";

I'm often hit by

        a == 1 and b = 4;
        unless (a == b) { c = 6 }
        func (a) && b = 3;

not being possible in C. Often takes me quite a long time to detect those ;-)

(I've included '#define unless(e) if (!(e))' in our global include, so I can
use that usefull construct)

> If I had a dollar for every time I've put $ on C variables, I'd have
> enough to buy William all the Toy Story merchandise he wants :-)

I'd spend it also on TPC, which I can't afford now

> To return to the perl6 topic, though ...  yes, it'd be nice to have a
> huge syntactic gap between Perl and every other language because then
> you'd be able to recognize when you were editing Perl.  But it ain't
> going to happen.  We'd have to be even weirder than befunge to come up
> with completely new syntax.  Besides, there are lots of good syntactic
> doodads for us to pilfer from other languages.
> So in the future, just as now, you're going to have to keep track of
> the language of the source code you're editing.  Sorry.

I'd rather hit language issues (for which perl is able to tap me on the back)
than program (structure) errors of others, which might be hard to detect.

> In this thread I've heard both "perl6 is too different from perl5" and
> "perl6 is too similar to perl5", without anybody naming the specific
> things that are problems and suggesting solutions.

I'm in between, and wait with my final opinion till after the last apocalypse
and I've got a complete picture.

> It must be a full moon or something :-)

for $something (qw( debugging configuring coding
                    fun sun children perl5 perl6 )) {

I'm realy looking forward to the perl6 configuration issues, because we now
can assume we have perl5 by hand to do the tricks we want.

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