>>>>> "NT" == Nathan Torkington <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

NT> Chaim Frenkel writes:
>> Those are all major typo inducing changes.
>> You'll need alternative micro-code loads for your fingers, when
>> switching between clients and when editing scripts that pre-date Perl
>> 6.

NT> So we can't change Perl, because changes have to be learned?
NT> So now the changes are too SMALL, and we should have a language that
NT>   is completely different so that you won't be confused when you edit
NT>   different scripts?

Err, no. That was just a comment on what I'll be expecting when perl6
hits the streets. 

More than once, I've started using vi commands in emacs and emacs commands
in vi. I've started typing perl code into a C program, and C code into
a perl program.

That hard fundemental lesson learnt, that @foo[] doesn't mean what you thought,
will be hard to fight.

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